Principal Mrs Helen Paton
Assistant Principal Ms Loretta Lam (Diverse Learning Coordinator)
Religious Education Coordinator Ms Michelle Homsy
Instructional Specialist Mrs Jacinta Morrison
Kindergarten Teacher Mrs Laura Foster
Year 1 Classroom Teacher Ms Billi Moss
Year 2 Classroom Teacher Ms Monica Burraston
Year 3 Classroom Teacher Ms Michelle Homsy and Mrs Barbara Long
Year 4 Classroom Teacher Mrs Jacinta Morrison and Mrs Gretchen Randich Potts
Year 5/6 Classroom Teacher Mr Manus Mcloughlin
Art Mrs Caitlin Ghusn
PD/H/PE Mr Harvey Simpson
Music and Drama Teacher Mrs Ravilya Sedlar
Family Educator Ms Lucy Hayward
Learning Support Officers Ms Fan Manual (Librarian) and Ms Kinga
Office Mrs Gay Barrie
ISO Mr Daniel Cook
School Counselor Ms Erin Logie