An Eastern Suburbs primary school is preparing their youngest students for future academic success by teaching ‘Do,Re,Mi’ alongside their usual A,B,C’s and 1,2,3’s.

Galilee Catholic Primary School at Bondi has hired a specialist performing arts teacher to teach students the arts straight from Kindergarten in a bid to increase students’ intelligence, coordination and critical thinking.

Principal Anna Novak said that the investment in hiring a specialist arts teachers is well worth the expense, considering the unbelievable return.

‘By incorporating dance, drama, voice and music disciplines into our curriculum we allow our students’ imaginations to run wild through and exposure to a diversity of influences,’ Ms Novak said.


With the NSW Government’s Curriculum Review, the first in 30 years, set to place even more emphasis on soft skills, such as critical thinking, Sydney Catholic Schools Leader of Performing Arts Geoff Carey believes there is even more importance in arming students with the confidence and creativity to achieve in the jobs of the future.

‘We live in a constantly changing world. With this in mind it is important that our students receive a well-rounded education, enriched with creativity and challenge that prepares them to have fulfilling lives.’

The expansion of creative arts into the primary school curriculum comes on the back of research being conducted by educational experts, such as Dr Anita Collins who states that students who learn music have increased IQ’s, memories, have the ability to solve problems more effectively, have higher levels of executive function and musical education raises the general cognitive capacity of any student who undertakes it.