At Galilee Catholic Primary School Bondi, students are encouraged to play before, during and after school. 

“Play is a fundamental part of a child’s development and wellbeing and promotes learning, social skills and communication,” Brian Anderson, the Principal of Galilee Bondi, said. 

Mr Anderson said for these reasons, the Galilee teaching team is constantly looking for new ways to support play with learning.

“Our school develops the whole child, and the promotion of play contributes to this philosophy,” he said.

“Our students have supervised access to a variety of play equipment from 7.30am in the morning to 6.00pm in the evening. 

“Students also benefit from our extended school day, where qualified teachers are on site until 6pm daily, assisting students with their homework.” 

Galilee Bondi also offers regular before school netball sessions for students in Stage 2 & 3, and students of all ages can take part in basketball, chess and dance lessons during recess and lunch.